What We Do

Taking care of our world

At Musgrave, our overarching ambition is to be the most trusted and most sustainable brand in Ireland; making a real difference to people’s lives and creating a positive impact on the planet by working with our partners to make every community a sustainable community. Taking care of our world is our sustainability strategy, bringing together all our ambitions and commitments under one framework for the first time. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to leave a positive impact on the world around them and to influence others to do likewise. This makes doing the right thing by the planet integral to doing the right thing for our people, our communities and our business.

A network for positive change

Musgrave has a unique network of retailers and suppliers – local entrepreneurs who are passionate about their communities and being part of a better more sustainable Ireland. Our retail partnership brands come to life through the innovation and hard work of thousands of entrepreneurs with deep roots in their communities. Leveraging the passion and focus of this network of local business leaders gives us a unique ability to build momentum and make every Irish community a sustainable community. We are committed to playing this leadership role, to working hard to meet the challenges of managing our own impacts, to sharing our expertise and supporting our partners, communities and government in any way we can to bring about positive change.

The Musgrave difference

At the heart of the Musgrave brand is a simple, inspiring purpose that clearly defines what we do and why we do it – Growing Good BusinessGrowing is important because ultimately growth is what drives a living, breathing organisation. But good business matters just as much, because we believe growth should not be achieved at the expense of doing the right thing. And Musgrave remains a people business centred on human connection. Throughout our history, we’ve always given meaningful employment to committed people who love what they do. And now, more than ever, as a diverse team united by a passion for good food, our people feel a genuine connection to our purpose and to our ambition to feed the island of Ireland.

Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking

StatementModern slavery and human trafficking is an international and growing problem affecting millions of individuals around the world. It transcends age, gender and ethnicities. It includes victims who have been brought from overseas and vulnerable people who are forced to illegally work against their will across many different sectors.

Musgrave has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery of any kind either in our business or in our supply chain. All employees and representatives are expected to report any concerns they have and management is expected to act upon them.

For many years, we have also had an ethical trading which can be downloaded here or viewed on this page.