Bat Doughnuts
Bat Doughnuts
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  • 4 Milk Chocolate Digestives
  • 2 Chocolate Pretzels or Curly Wurly Bits Whatever you prefer
  • 4 Mini Chocolate Muffins or Mini Doughnuts
  • Edible Eyes / White Chocolate Buttons / Chocolate Buttons / M&M's


  1. Melt a small amount of milk chocolate buttons in a bowl in the microwave.
  2. Carefully break the digestives in half and break the pretzels into 2cm pieces or use curly wurlys.
  3. Lay the mini muffins/ doughnuts on a board and gently push in the pretzels/ curly wurlys to make ears.
  4. Use the melted chocolate to stick the digestive halves to the sides for wings, then stick white chocolate buttons/ m&ms/ edible eyes below the ears to look like eyes. Best eaten right away.